Snowball 5k/1k - 2019

Alyssa's Crusaders

We are Alyssa's Crusaders, the family and friends who rally behind Alyssa and believe that she grows stronger, smarter, sweeter, and sassier every day. If you know Alyssa, you know that her smile is infections, her joy is contagious, and her kind demeanor is incomparable. She is a true example of strength, bravery, hope, light and a geniune love of life.

Alyssa's favorite thing? FUN! Morgan's Wonderland is a one of a kind park that allows Alyssa to rock her differences while driving a car, riding a ferris wheel, splashing in the water park, taking a spin on a carousel, catching some fish, being a passenger on a train, or simply swinging her worries away...all before lunch!

We decided to join Morgan's Wonderland in their mission of inclusion for children and adults with special needs by signing up for their Snowball Run, Walk, Roll or Stroll on December 21, 2019. It is our hope that you will join us in this endeavor to raise awareness and funds for this one-of-a-kind park!

Morgan's Wonderland is a treasure in our community and we hope you join us in supporting the work they are doing to provide FUN to children and adults of all abilites.

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